Skin spoon


Skin spoon


Board-certified Dermatologist and skincare expert, Dr. Alexis Stephens, invented the SkinSpoon based on over 10 years of clinical work and patient care at her busy dermatology practice.

Skincare products are potent and contain active, functional ingredients, which means the perfect dose is required to maximize their effectiveness. So, to solve the mystery of “how much do I apply?” Dr. Lex designed the SkinSpoon.

The SkinSpoon is a luxurious tool made of copper-plated surgical steel, and is equal parts functional and beautiful. This tool will give you the perfect portion time and time again, dispensing just the right amount of your favorite products.

The benefits

Are clear



Are clear

Save Product

Use exactly how much you need. No more, no less.

Maximize Protection

Get maximum results from all of your products with perfect dosing, every time.

Eliminate guesswork

Give yourself the gift of one less thing to think about.

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